Friday, November 8, 2013

Team Rick or Team Carol season 4 ep.3

I am convinced the writers of the Walking Dead are laughing at us.  Last week Carol, one of the gentlest souls that has survived the apocalypse took some questionable steps in order to save lives.  You remember Carol from season one when she was being manhandled by her abusive husband. Carol, Sophie's mom.  I remember the look on Carol's face when Sophie walked out of the barn in season two.  Poor sad Carol.  Carol the one person I was convinced only survived because of the strength of the group.  Yes, that Carol.

Carol killed Karen and David in cold blood and then she burned their bodies.  She took questionable actions in order to prevent the spread of a virus that without adequate medical intervention would lead to more deaths.  After all consider the chaos Patrick created after dying from the flu.  That was just one dead kid.  Her preemptive strike sent Tyrese on a murderous rage. But, since we all love and worry about Carol we did our best to justify her actions.  "Carol was trying to save lives!"  "Somebody had to do it and The Council wasn't going to take the necessary measures." "Carol is good and loves everyone in the group." " I agree with what Carol did, she had to do it."  "Somebody should go in and take out the other sick characters!"  Well, this went on and on in our heads because we knew that Carol would be with us for a long time.  We all actually liked that she was strong and loving, heck she went out to clear the water line by herself!  

Well, you should be ashamed of yourself!  Murder is never justified.  What is wrong with you!  Thank you Rick for snapping us back to reality! Carol! You are outta here!  I am convinced the writers are laughing so hard that milk is coming out of their noses.  "It was so easy to get the audience to compromise their ethics!"  "What an amoral bunch of groupies! What else can we get them to believe?"  

I am ashamed of my actions and will try to stay on the straight and narrow from now on!  Please stop laughing at me.