Saturday, February 5, 2011

First mobile update

Last night JuliAnn and I were watching a movie we got from Blockbuster and eating some pizza.  I love the pan fried jalapeno and pepperoni from Pizza Hut. Although now that I think about it, we ordered extra pepperoni and we didn't get it.  Well we were watching Predators, I know but it is January and there haven't been many good new releases in a long time.   Predators is a loud action movie but we were interrupted by even louder action.  It turns out that some guy was running from the police and hid in my neighbors back yard.  Well Sergeant Scruffy found him and attempted to chew his leg off until the rest of the 95 police officers on duty showed up.  There was screaming and wrestling for about the next 5 minutes while West Valley's finest kicked the crap out of a local high school dropout.  Listening to the dull thuds of boots on flesh started me thinking.  If I were going to be a criminal I would have to understand my antagonist.  I would have to prepare and plan and practice just like any professional.   Because without adequate preparation for a life of crime I would probably end up leaving my teeth in some random Asian guy's backyard just like our newest resident of the Salt Lake County jail. 

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Momz Blotter said...

Love your blog! I hope you will follow me on mine and we can be great blog friends.