Monday, December 29, 2008

Dog on a nail.

A brush salesman was walking down some dirt roads in Georgia trying to sell some brushes. It was a terribly hot day and the humidity was stifling. He walked up to a house with an old man sitting on a rocking chair on the porch next to an old hound dog. He knew that he would not get a sale, so he decided to ask for a glass of cold water. The old man said, "sure sonny." The old man got up, stepped over the hound dog and opened the screen door and went inside. While the old man was inside the salesman heard the old hound dog moan. He wasn't exactly sure that the hound dog moaned until he heard him do it again. The old man came back out with the glass of water and handed it to the salesman. The salesman, being parched and hot, gulped the cold water down. He handed the glass back to the old man and said, "that sure hit the spot, thank you." He then said to the old man,"sorry, to bother you but I think there is something wrong with that dog. I heard him moan while you were inside." The old man responded, "There ain't nothing wrong with that dog. He's just laying on a nail. It hurts enough to moan about it but not enough to get up off of it."

I wonder how many nails we are laying on that we keep moaning about? I must remind myself every time I begin to complain and moan that all I have to do is get up!

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