Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner fun

So we decided to go to dinner and Chipotle has a burrito bowl option that is easily converted to a healthy primal meal.  Eliminate beans and rice and add more grilled veggies and guacamole and you have a great meal.  However when we got there, at least twenty people in line.  Five or six were ordering and they were all hanging over the top of the spit shield and talking into the food.  I turned and walked out.  Never to return.  They have to deal with that, people spitting into the food.  You know that no matter what, someone has looked over their spit shield and slobbered into your order.  Yuck.  So we walked across the parking lot into Paradise Bakery just in time to watch the sandwich lady sneeze twice at her station and make no attempt to wash her hands.  "Hello, may I help you?"  NO!  I will have a salad.  Yuck.

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