Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lemons in the Diet Pepsi

I am not vehemently opposed to adding a squeeze of lemon to your diet soda.  As a matter of fact, I feel like it sharpens the flavor a bit.  However, I am a radical opponent of actually floating the lemon wedge in the drink.  First of all I feel like it gets in the way of the straw.  More importantly I have no idea who cut the lemon.  I don't know if the lemon chef is a compulsive lemon washer who ensures that all the chemicals and accumulated grime from the citrus voyage were cleaned off before the lemon was dipped in my beverage.  I don't know if the the restaurant employee that was assigned to chop lemons used soap the last time he performed ANY bodily function.  I don't know if any one of the service providers made sure to avoid spraying spittle over the lemons while discussing their latest woes. 

With those thoughts in mind I implore you, please do not dip the nasty lemon into my drink. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner fun

So we decided to go to dinner and Chipotle has a burrito bowl option that is easily converted to a healthy primal meal.  Eliminate beans and rice and add more grilled veggies and guacamole and you have a great meal.  However when we got there, at least twenty people in line.  Five or six were ordering and they were all hanging over the top of the spit shield and talking into the food.  I turned and walked out.  Never to return.  They have to deal with that, people spitting into the food.  You know that no matter what, someone has looked over their spit shield and slobbered into your order.  Yuck.  So we walked across the parking lot into Paradise Bakery just in time to watch the sandwich lady sneeze twice at her station and make no attempt to wash her hands.  "Hello, may I help you?"  NO!  I will have a salad.  Yuck.

Monday, February 7, 2011

When I'm 85, . . .

On Saturday I went to the gym where I have a membership. It started off as a tennis club and has been around for a long time so there are some long time members there. Well after pushing through my 6 laps in the pool and finishing off with an executive workout. I showered and was changing clothes when I overheard a conversation. Two men were talking and one was asking the other if he ever played tennis. The younger of the two remarked that he didn't have time for tennis. He focused on Racquetball and in the winters worked as ski patrol and in the summers spent his time golfing when he wasn't on the racquetball court. The older gentleman said that he had quit other sports to focus on improving his tennis game. He told the younger guy that he had just returned from a national tennis competition where he competed against other 85 year olds from across the nation. He mentioned that he had played in the Senior Games for 22 years. 22 YEARS!! He was competing at the age of 85!!! Holy Moses. Then he joked and told the other guy that he would have enough time to get good at tennis since he was only 50. The racquetball player laughed and said that he was 15 years past 50. The younger guy IS 65 and he is super active. Holy Moly!! That is incredible. I expect to be super active all my life. I believe that I will live to be at least 150. That is my life, that is what I expect to be doing When I'm 85!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First mobile update

Last night JuliAnn and I were watching a movie we got from Blockbuster and eating some pizza.  I love the pan fried jalapeno and pepperoni from Pizza Hut. Although now that I think about it, we ordered extra pepperoni and we didn't get it.  Well we were watching Predators, I know but it is January and there haven't been many good new releases in a long time.   Predators is a loud action movie but we were interrupted by even louder action.  It turns out that some guy was running from the police and hid in my neighbors back yard.  Well Sergeant Scruffy found him and attempted to chew his leg off until the rest of the 95 police officers on duty showed up.  There was screaming and wrestling for about the next 5 minutes while West Valley's finest kicked the crap out of a local high school dropout.  Listening to the dull thuds of boots on flesh started me thinking.  If I were going to be a criminal I would have to understand my antagonist.  I would have to prepare and plan and practice just like any professional.   Because without adequate preparation for a life of crime I would probably end up leaving my teeth in some random Asian guy's backyard just like our newest resident of the Salt Lake County jail. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Review - Sandman Slim

I loved the character, the writing was well done. It did drag in places and the descriptions were long and overly detailed in places. The climactic scenes really weren't climactic. I thought Sandman Slim (the name spontaneously appeared in the middle of the book)is a great character. I have recently read several books where the author does not even follow the rules he sets in his "book reality". This author did a great job of following his own rules. I expected more a of a climax but the book left me wanting to understand a little more. The author has a great ability to turn a phrase and leave a memorable thought. I will read his next book.