Monday, February 7, 2011

When I'm 85, . . .

On Saturday I went to the gym where I have a membership. It started off as a tennis club and has been around for a long time so there are some long time members there. Well after pushing through my 6 laps in the pool and finishing off with an executive workout. I showered and was changing clothes when I overheard a conversation. Two men were talking and one was asking the other if he ever played tennis. The younger of the two remarked that he didn't have time for tennis. He focused on Racquetball and in the winters worked as ski patrol and in the summers spent his time golfing when he wasn't on the racquetball court. The older gentleman said that he had quit other sports to focus on improving his tennis game. He told the younger guy that he had just returned from a national tennis competition where he competed against other 85 year olds from across the nation. He mentioned that he had played in the Senior Games for 22 years. 22 YEARS!! He was competing at the age of 85!!! Holy Moses. Then he joked and told the other guy that he would have enough time to get good at tennis since he was only 50. The racquetball player laughed and said that he was 15 years past 50. The younger guy IS 65 and he is super active. Holy Moly!! That is incredible. I expect to be super active all my life. I believe that I will live to be at least 150. That is my life, that is what I expect to be doing When I'm 85!!

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