Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Streamline your Social Media updates

With so many different social media outlets it becomes very time consuming to update all of the different sites. Well just to give you an idea of what I have been dealing with, I am a member of Plaxo which is kind of like an online database management tool with all of your contacts. Some of you may have heard of it. Then I am also a member of Linkedin which is a kind of like a professional facebook program. I tend to meet and interact with people that are very focused on professional growth. Then I was using Twitter where I made a whole new set of friends. In addition I am on Facebook. So you can tell there are many outlets for social interaction. I am sure you have heard the term Web 2.0, well that means that you can interact with others. The great thing about that is that the world wants to get to know you and you want to get to know others. With our world and technology getting faster and faster we end up becoming more and more disconnected from each other and that is why MySpace, Facebook and so many other social media programs have gotten so popular. Well all it did for me was make me busier. I have a real agenda to get people to know who I truly am and like me and be willing to do business with me. Fortunately I found I signed up for a long time ago but I never really learned how to use it. Today I spent some time learning it. Ping is like Twitter but on steroids. Twitter allows you to update Facebook but Ping gives you access to almost all social media outlets including Flickr and Photobucket and Blogger. So, go to, create a profile (it is free), connect to all the different social media programs you have and you can even text message your updates and you will automatically update all the programs at once. If you have any questions please call me or email me at and I will help walk you through it. This is really cool stuff. While you are cruising around check out and add me as your friend, gilrol.

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