Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For my Daughters

For my daughters

It is important to know that Discipline equals Freedom. Most of us say that we want more money, but what we really want is the freedom that money provides. Same with fitness we say we want to be fit but what we really want is the freedom that fitness gives us. So, if our underlying desire is for Freedom then we reject what we perceive limits our freedom. Discipline is what most people perceive to limit freedom. It is important that you understand that distinction. If you discipline yourself to get fit then you have more freedom in what to wear and what activities to participate in, and your self esteem grows which makes it easier to be more disciplined.

Now lets take it a step further. If I want more money then I must be disciplined and many tell me that I must cold call. Cold calling is a very painful way of doing business. I would much rather talk to my friends and past clients and get business that way. So, if you decide to be disciplined you want to enhance the activities that you already do or have fun at. It is like a seed. If you drop a seed on concrete then it will be very difficult for that seed to grow. Cold calling for me is concrete. If you plant a seed in rich soil and water it every day it is easier for that seed to grow. If I call my friends and past clients every day and help them then they will help me to grow. My friends and past clients are my rich soil. You must create an environment where success is a natural consequence.

I have set my alarm clock at 5:25 am and I have it far away from my bed. So that I have to get up to turn it off. That is an environmental change that helps me be successful. I have scheduled the things that I WANT to do in my calendar and I have my phone remind me of those appointments. That is a method I use to help me create the environment I want to help me be successful. It is so important to know that Willpower fails EVERYTIME. No one has the energy to sustain willpower over time. Think about this. If I decided to stop overeating but I was always going out with my friends that over ate and were always at Carl’s Jr. My willpower might carry me for a little while until I ate one fry then it would be a downhill slide from there. Your environment and your friends are the best help you can have to become more disciplined and more successful. Look at the food in your refrigerator. That is your environment.

Discipline is easily achieved if you plan it out in advance. Like pushing the alarm clock away so that you have to get up and then deciding that when it goes off that you will get up. Create the environment where success is natural and it will be. Choose friends that are in shape or have a huge savings or get things done. It will be uncomfortable at first but you will begin to change just to fit in, and your life will improve.

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