Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soldiers know that war makes Generals.

When I was in the army, so so so long ago. I remember reading about the experiences of Viet Nam veterans and WWII veterans. I was always impressed with the stories of soldiers that would take up the mantle of leadership when their leaders were disabled or killed. Then, during a calm in the action or upon returning to their base of operations these impromptu leaders were given battlefield commissions. A commission for those of you that don't understand is different than a non-commissioned officer (private, corporal or sergeant). A commissioned officer goes through more leadership training and schooling(lieutenant, captain, major and colonel). In order to reach the highest levels of leadership in the military you must be a commissioned officer. In Tribes Seth Godin says that soldier's know that war makes Generals. My thoughts turned to our current economic situation and our real estate markets. I know that many of you have already excelled in this battle and are reaping the benefits of your battlefield commission. For the rest of us, I think it is a great metaphor to think that we are in a war and ask ourselves if we are performing like leaders. Would we, looking back on our mindset and action over the past year, deserve a battlefield commission? Honestly, I have performed less than admirably by allowing negative thoughts to persist and believing them. I am going back into battle with an new mindset. HUWA!

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